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GDMS (Glow-Discharge-Mass-Spectrometer)

Ultra high quality analysis down to ppB level is performed with GDMS. This system is produces by Thermo Fisher Seientific Inc. Most common is the analysis of conductive and semi-conductive materials. Non conductivematerials can be measured down to ppM level, as graphite is use as background material to get the sample conductive.

If requested we can analyse over the complete periodic system except carbon or tatalum, as one of them is a part of the evaporation chamber and will not be counting correctly.

Analytical Services, Glow-Discharge-Mass-Spectrometer

Analytical Services, Glow-Discharge-Mass-Spectrometer

For quality reasons, we use some parts of this equipment custumer related if serial analysis is requested to avoid any influence from other probes.

This system is one of the most advanced systems in the world.

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